Private family beach accommodation Italian rent Terms & Conditions

Private family beach accommodation Italian rent terms & conditions

Private family beach accommodation Italian rent Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

At the reservation, tenants are required to transfer a 30% of the total amount, making unavailable dates others potential guests.

Transfer can be made via bank transfer or using a Paypal account.

When we will receive a payment confirmation, we will apply the reservation.

Will be send a receipt via e-mail provided in the Booking Form once you submit your details in it.

Full payment for the balance needs to be clear into our bank account not later than three ( 3 ) weeks prior your arrival date.

At that point we will confirm your booking for the period required.

Owner will personally welcome and consign the property keys to your arrive, after signed a rental contract for your vacation.

At the arrive a caution deposit of Euros 200,00 is required, totally refundable within 24 hrs.

The tenant must inform the landlord within 24 hours of the keys delivery, for eventual lacks or anomalies of the furnished.

Property can ONLY be rent at the maximum of five ( 5 ) people.

The only presence of one person, superior to that agreed at the reservation, behaves the contract resolution, to the sense of the art. 14.5.6 C.C. and loss the right to continue the vacation at the property.

Tenants can get friends and parents visit at the property only once agreed in advance with the landlord.

Tenants entry will take possession of the property not before the hours 04:00 pm.

Tenant in exit has the obligation of to leave the kitchen in order both dishes and pots washed.

The property must be left within and not later than hours 10:00 am of the departure date.

Bath linen and bed sheets comes supplied with the key delivery at the arrive.

General Regulations

Is forbidden, sublease, operates building, movement of pieces of furniture, paint, dig, car wash and in case of using a barbecue only coal is allowed and making sure to use it in a safely mode, far from any flammable liquid and too close to plants or similar easy burned material.

Leave litter in the apartments.

You should be thrown all rubbish in the appropriate wasted bins provided in the different colors containers outside the house.

Penalty for miss this requirement is retain in full the deposit left at your arrive.

Property must leave at your departure date as found at your arrive.

Pots plants just outside the house, must watering at least once every each days.

To bring damages or troubles to the neighbors.

Is severely forbidden the obstruction of the discharging with litters destined to be collected in other fitter methods.

Health services, excluding the toilet paper, any other object should be thrown in the appropriate basket.

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